10+ Movie Apps to Watch & Download Movies for Free

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy a good movie. These move us to another dimension where you feel you are the protagonists of the films, and you can even experience their feelings, fears, joys, and adrenaline of their protagonists.

For many, the best way to enjoy a movie is by watching it in the comfort of your home. For this, you only need your Android device and some of the apps to watch movies that I will recommend next.

First of all, you should keep in mind what type of app you are looking for since you can choose between free and paid apps. Both options have their pros and cons. Of course, a paid app will have more benefits and features than a free one. However, there are free apps that fulfill their mission perfectly and that way you can save some money.

If you don’t know who movie app to use, don’t worry, here I will show you which are the best apps to download & watch movies in Android market.

Free Movie Apps to Download & Watch Movies


Crackle is from the Sony Pictures Entertainment company, another of the apps in which users can enjoy digital content, including original format series, tv shows and films from studios such as Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems, and others. All this exhibited in a catalog that is updated weekly and free of charge.

This application to watch free movies has at least 200 titles and a good number of series for the entertainment of its users, content belonging to the same company that promotes them, which is why the service is free.

The catalog is divided between the options of movies and series, in which the user must immerse himself in search of the film or series that he wants to see since the app doesn’t have a search engine, one of the insignificant disadvantages of the same.

Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies
Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an app to watch & download free movies with plenty of time on the Internet and has survived to this day adapting in an amazing way. This app was created in order to be a good alternative to subscription services.

This application has been an intense competition for other media such as Netflix since it offers some comfort to those who use it.

Warning: This isn’t an app listed on Google Play, you will need to download the APK file from the website and install it on your Android device at your own risk.

Download Popcorn Time


This app is handy and, without a doubt, is one of the best to watch movies from either Android or iOS.

While many users enjoy watching movies from their computers, carry a smartphone in your pocket with this app makes it impossible to get bored, because from anywhere, either on the train or the bus, you can see some of the suggestions that this app proposes you.

This movie app is complete and improves the search of movies for the user. Another of its benefits is that it is entirely free.

SnagFilms - Watch Free Movies
SnagFilms - Watch Free Movies
Developer: SnagFilms
Price: Free


Kodi is one of the best options to watch movies from your Smartphone, although you can also watch TV shows and enjoy the best music, sports, and viral videos.

This app is entirely free and has many features, so without spending a penny, you can enjoy this tool in its entirety.

Some disadvantage is that the installation and setup process requires some time.

Developer: XBMC Foundation
Price: Free

Show Box

Showbox allows you to watch free movies on Android quite easily.

Remember that to use these kinds of apps to watch free movies, you must enable unknown sources on your Android, since these apps aren’t available on Google Play, because the Google policies do not support much of their content.

So if you want to download these apps, you do it on your own risk.

Another critical issue is to be careful with the consumption of bandwidth.

This type of streaming apps consumes a lot of bandwidth, so it is very advisable that you use WiFi, to watch the movies without spending mobile data.

We can’t guarantee that these platforms properly manage the intellectual and industrial property.

The user is the one who should worry about these inquiries. Some films and content are banned in some countries around the world for reasons of freedom of expression or industrial and intellectual property issues.

Download Show Box


PlayView is a great app to watch streaming movies , which is completely free and should appear on this list.

This app stands out because it allows you to choose the quality, while you can categorize it by popularity, genre, etc. If you have Chromecast, you can get cast from this app to the TV and enjoy the contents on a large screen.

Download Playview

Premium Movie Apps to Download & Watch Movies

Premium apps usually allow you to access various options that you will not have in a free app such as change language, add subtitles, more massive movie catalog, better video quality, better performance during playback, etc.

Several premium apps will surely attract your attention, such as:


Netflix is undoubtedly the main contender leader in the streaming market, where you can enjoy an extensive catalog of movies, series and documentaries available to you at any time.

This app is the preferred option when viewing online content. Currently, Netflix is present in more than 130 countries, with more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, becoming the largest and most widely received streaming service provider.}


Many know this name, HBO has been characterized by being the most demanded subscription TV channel in the whole world, since in it you can enjoy the premieres of the most outstanding series and films like the much-acclaimed television series Game of Thrones.

Since February 2010, HBO went from being just a cable subscription channel and entered the world of streaming, becoming currently the leading contender of Netflix who still leads the market.

HBO Go despite having spent eight years since its launch, still lacks much work to get to compete directly with the main leader that is Netflix.

Price: To be announced

Amazon Prime Video

It is another leader in the streaming market where you can watch a significant content of movies and series in excellent quality.
Since its launch in 2006, Amazon Prime Video is available for free for Amazon Prime users as an extra benefit for the Amazon subscription, and if you aren’t subscribed don’t worry, it offers a highly economical annual plan compared to others streaming servers.

Amazon Prime Video is still very new in the streaming market. However, its popularity and versatility are growing, although there is still a long way to go to compete with the leading contenders.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video
Price: Free+

Fox App

Like HBO, Fox App is a streaming application where you can enjoy a vast content of movies and series at any times.

Fox App is a great alternative to view online content at any time, but with an advantage that sets it apart from its competitors is to be able to see sports content.

Its a great option to view streaming content with the significant advantage of being able to watch online sports content, a feature that no other provider of this service has, its catalog still doesn’t rival HBO or Netflix, but it isn’t far behind either.

Without a doubt, it is the ideal option for lovers of sporting events, a great alternative to taking into account according to your tastes.

Developer: DOT FOX, INC.
Price: To be announced

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