Go Purple With Your iPhone 12: Should You?

In April 2021, Apple surprised the viewers of its live stream event with the announcement of a new iPhone.

Apple is no stranger to releasing newer versions of its iconic phone, and so are followers and fans of the brand. So when the gadget giant announced a new phone, everyone anticipated what it could be.

What were the new features? Will there be new specs?

It turns out, it was a new color — purple.

Apple unveiled a stunning purple version of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.

People describe the purple iPhone 12 as having a light shade of purple, making it look lavender. But some fans consider the new shade as lilac. Apart from the color, it seems like the new iPhone 12 is just another iPhone 12.

The purple color sets this iPhone 12 apart from the other handsets. But is it a big deal? Or is the change of color a head-turner? After all, Apple is a genius when it comes to colors. Previous iPhones have come in a variety of colors that appealed to buyers.

Plus, just because the previous iPhones also came in purple, it doesn’t mean that the specs are the same.

The new iPhone 12 in purple may have a few tricks up its sleeve.

What is the Prettiest iPhone 12 Color? Could It Be Purple?

Apple has always been subtle with how it changes its colors. Whenever it releases a new model, its regular roster of colors (such as silver and gold) change hues. It’s a keen way for Apple fans and buyers to know who has this year’s newer models.

The iPhone 12’s purple color is different from its predecessor, the iPhone 11. It’s a lighter shade of purple; more dramatic and punchier than the 11. The stunning purple finish of this iPhone 12 beautifully accentuates the iPhone 12’s flat aluminum edges, which perfectly matches the phone’s precision-milled back glass.

If you’ve been wanting a pink iPhone 12 or any pastel color, the purple could be your best alternative.

The regular iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini’s purple color is also more eye-catching than the iPhone 11’s purple or the other colors of the iPhone 12. As you move the purple iPhone 12 in the light, the surface gleams and glints, giving it a mauver look. In the shadows, the phone looks more violet. But no matter what your lighting is, the phone’s purple color is a pretty one.

Final things about the purple iPhone 12: if you notice the Apple logo, it is color-matched with the purple shade. It’s not the typical silver apple; it’s a shade of lilac and it looks fantastic. Also, check the lightning cable’s socket. The housing inside of the socket is also color-matched to the purple aluminum of the iPhone 12.

Purple iPhone 12 Specs: Is it Better than the iPhone 11?

In terms of size and shape, the iPhone 12 series has a better shape than the 11. Its sharp edges feel better than the iPhone 11’s curves. Although the phone’s display is the same 6-inch size, the new purple iPhone 12 is smaller. Its flatter edges also make the aluminum frame look smarter.

Both the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini-feature an advanced dual-camera system that delivers powerful photography features and HD photos and videos. The phone also features expansive Super Retina XDR displays with OLED for a better and more immersive viewing experience. The iPhone 12 mini has the highest iPhone resolution display, which is identical to the iPhone 12’s predecessors.

iphone 12 purple
Photo by Thai Nguyen on Unsplash

All iPhone 12s are powered with Apple’s A14 Bionic chip. They also deliver the best 5G experience, come with a Ceramic Shield for the front cover and a host of accessories that promote better care of your iPhone.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone 12’s battery life is between adequate and decent. It matches the iPhone 11 somehow. The iPhone 12’s battery is, in general, fine and lasts for a full day. But if you’re a heavy phone user, your battery will start to drain by afternoon.

Fortunately, the new model comes with innovative new accessories with MagSafe, which improves the model’s wireless charging. MagSafe guarantees an easier charging experience using wireless charging coils, which are optimized for efficiency and alignment.

Is the Purple iPhone 12 More Expensive?

The purple iPhone 12 costs the same as the other iPhone colors (white, black, green, blue and red). The starting price is $699 mini and $799 for the regular iPhone 12 in the United States.

If you want a purple iPhone but are undecided with the model you want, consider your budget and lifestyle. If you want something more convenient and hand-friendly, the purple iPhone 12 mini is the best choice. It fits any hand size and comes at a lower price compared to the regular purple iPhone 12.

However, the mini version of the purple iPhone 12 is the least liked member of the iPhone 12 family due to its smaller screen and shorter battery life (compared to the regular-sized iPhone 12).

Are There Any Drawbacks with the Purple iPhone 12?

One of the few things the purple iPhone 12 does not have is a zoom camera lens. Its predecessor also has better battery life.

Another minor design concern is the swipe-ability of the display. Since there’s an edge around the screen, there’s a faint friction against your forefinger or thumb when you swipe up. It’s not a big flaw, but it causes the occasional missed swipe when you’re trying to unlock your phone. You can easily remedy this problem with a case that has small ridges around the edge.

Do You Need a Purple iPhone 12?

Apple releasing a new iPhone 12 color six months after the first iPhone 12’s release is a clever marketing move. It gives buyers another option; it’s for people who want to buy a new iPhone but aren’t fans of the current roster of colors.

But if you think about it, the purple iPhone 12 is just another iPhone 12.

However, one more thing, this purple version of the iPhone 12 doesn’t require users to install the latest iOS. It’s already installed. So if that’s a deal-breaker, go and be purple with your iPhone 12.

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